Intuitive Art

Intuitive art is widely used as a way to connect with a deeper knowing of Self and Spirit. It’s a way to liberate oneself of expectation and comparison to others, and begin to trust Life’s process. It’s one of my favorite art therapies, and how most of my art is created. It’s a practice that requires letting go and being present with whatever shows up. Anyone can do this, and it’s my belief that when we make the unconscious conscious, we can free ourselves of fear.

“Book of Shapes”, mixed media, 2019
“The spirit realms; to be sacred and profane” , mixed media, 2019
“greetings earth dweller, the portals open at dawn”, mixed media, 2019
“the mystery of human relatedness”, 18”x24”, mixed media, 2018
“Da Blues” 18”x24”, oil pastels and alcohol inks, 2018
“this too my heart” self portrait, mixed media, acrylic based, 8/29/2018
“there once were trees”, 24”x18”, oil pastels and watercolor, 2018
“Remember Me”, 18”x24”, charcoal, 2016

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