I am many things; to define me would limit the potential that resides within me. It is my greatest desire to not only help others as an art therapist and artist, but help myself to live within the integrity of my spirit, radiating the possibilities and power of transformation. The stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness and addictions is a reality that isolates and degrades individuals. Artistic expression is a way to bring awarness these painful issues. Art has the power of transcendence. It amplifies awareness, and changes the way we see ourselves as human beings; bringing depth to an already bizarre existence. Even our most desperate feelings can translate to images and/or symbols that can transcend time, gender, social status and race. This builds universal connections and communications. Through color, absence of color, images and symbols we open the doors to understanding the human experience, but more importantly it gives us a chance to understand our individual experience. I am committed to All-Oneness and the idea of finding peace through self-discovery.

– c.calderon

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